Injection Molding Machine,Toggle Clamping,2 Color Model

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    Best Injection Molding Machine,Toggle Clamping


    • Plastic Type:Thermoplastic,Thermosetting
    • Style:Horizontal
    • Type:Injection Blow Molding

    Key Features

    We make Toggle Clamping type – 2 Color Model Injection Molding Machine from the capacity of AT – 200R ~ AT – 300R suitable for all kind of plastic material production.

    About Us

    Highly Experienced Plastic Injection Manufacturer

    AEDICE CO., LTD. is an experience plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan. AEDICE CO., LTD. starts with Toggle type plastic injection molding machine then forward to Ram type ( Hydraulic type ) injection molding machine, Dual plates ( 2 plates ) injection molding machine, 2 shots injection molding machine, 2 colors injection molding machine, PET preform injection molding machine, PVC / CPVC pipe fittings injection molding machine, Optical Lens injection molding machine, Thermosetting injection molding machine such as BMC or Phenol material injection molding machine and various type of Vertical clamping injection molding machine; AEDICE always keep to move forward on the innovation of machine design and performance to satisfy all kinds of needs. AEDICE CO., LTD. has been a leading company of plastic injection molding machine manufacturing industry.

    Since 1993

    AEDICE CO., LTD. was established on 1993 by an expert team consisting of experience engineers and skillful machinists who all past the strict training and rigorous assessment with uninterruptible studying of profession to enhance the quality and innovation of injection molding machine manufacturing.

    Excellent Performance

    Each of injection molding machine made by AEDICE company not only manufacturing under standard procedure with precise control by our experience machinist but also past the complicated long time testing run which to ensure the machine conducting the excellent performance and creating the maximum benefit to our customers.


    Prospecting to the future, AEDICE CO., LTD. will keep and continue the principle of company since found which to be conducted by each of company member on machine features innovating, machine performance upgrading, more machine energy saving, life of machine elements extending and also provide the enthusiasm service with skillful technology to develop the customized injection molding machine.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)

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