Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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    Key Features

    Clamping System

    1. Platens manufactured from FCD-500 die casting.

    1. Unchangeable in high pressure of injection.

    2. Increase the precision.

    2. 5 point up and down toggle clamping structure.

    1. Clamping force is even.

    2. Install the alloy bushing.

    3. Increase the toggle life.

    3. Germanic and Italian potentiometer control.

    1. Low pressure location is accurate.

    2. Adjustable super low pressure hydraulic system.

    3. Protect the operator and keep the mould safety

    4. Standard Accessory

    1. Vibration absorbing base.

    2. Water flow valve.(4 in and 4 out)

    3. Hydraulic stripping rod.

    4. Clamp iron and bolt.

    5. Tool box.

    6. Hopper dryer.(50 kg)

    7. Grease gun.

    8. Hexagonal head wrench.

    9. Double ended.